30 Day Workout Challenge

So I saw this post about a 30 Day Workout Challenge and thought it would be good fun to try! Obviously, I am not doing this working out thing right… I didn’t make it into the 140s and I’m feeling kind of low about it. BUT!! Instead of moping… I’m going to try harder. Hmmph. This will happen. Anyway…

DAY ONE – How would you rate your level of energy 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest. And post your stats.

My energy level is about 7 right now. A little tired but mostly peppy and ready to go! I think that’s mostly because I ran yesterday.


Height: 5’10

Heaviest Weight: 154lbs

Lowest Weight: 114lbs (2007)

Current Weight: 150.2lbs

Ultimate goal weight: 125lbs



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